The Secret Aquarium

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The Secret Aquarium
Course Info
Abbreviation SA
Terrain Water
Setting Day
Water All
Course Items
Coins 56 ( Yellow Coin.gif ×40  •  Red Coin.gif ×8)
Enemy Coins None
Stars Challenge infobox star 1.gif ×1
Star Navigation
Challenge infobox star 1.gif

After entering one of the holes in the JRB room, you will be placed in a small level filled with water. Collect 8 red coins to get the star. This is the only stage to have an (albeit implicit) time limit, as you cannot surface and there are a limited amount of coins.

The stage contains rings of yellow coins, as well as red coins, spread throughout the aquarium. After collecting all 8 red coins, the star appears at the bottom of the level.


Location Count
4 coin rings around 4 of the red coins 32
Another coin ring above the star marker 8
8 red coins 16
Total 56