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Power Star
STROOP- Power Star Yellow.png
Hitbox Info

cylinder with radius of 80 and height of 50, offset down 0 units

Tangibility radius 1000
Interaction type Star/Key
Surfaces none
Key, Grand Star
Found In
All Courses

Power Stars or Stars are collectible items that measure progress in the game. Star Doors can be unlocked once you reach a certain number of stars, and the infinite staircase will let Mario pass once he has 70 stars. Stars are found in courses; until the game is beaten, Mario must collect the stars from the courses he currently has to proceed and unlock more courses and stars. There are a total of 120 stars in the game.

100 Coin Stars

Main article: 100 Coin Star

100 Coin Stars are special Power Stars that spawn in the main courses when Mario collects 100 coins. Unlike other stars, Mario isn't taken out of the level when he collects it.

Technical information


Every Power Star spawns at a different height from the floor below it[1].

Star Heights
Star Name Height (units) Course
1 Big Bob-omb on the Summit 207 Bob-omb Battlefield
2 Footrace with Koopa the Quick 207 Bob-omb Battlefield
3 Shoot to the Island in the Sky 313 Bob-omb Battlefield
4 Find the 8 Red Coins 232 Bob-omb Battlefield
5 Mario Wings to the Sky 232 Bob-omb Battlefield
6 Behind Chain Chomp's Gate 432 Bob-omb Battlefield
7 Chip off Whomp's Block 296 Whomp’s Fortress
8 To the Top of the Fortress 225 Whomp’s Fortress
9 Shoot into the Wild Blue 169 Whomp’s Fortress
10 Red Coins on the Floating Isle 294 Whomp’s Fortress
11 Fall onto the Caged Island 204 Whomp’s Fortress
12 Blast Away the Wall 18.75756836 Whomp’s Fortress
13 Plunder in the Sunken Ship 377 Jolly Roger Bay
14 Can the Eel Come out and Play? 1011.214844 Jolly Roger Bay
15 Treasure of the Ocean Cave 312 Jolly Roger Bay
16 Red Coins on the Ship Afloat between 190.588867 and 500.758545
(with the Ship)
Jolly Roger Bay
16 Red Coins on the Ship Afloat 7519 (without the Ship) Jolly Roger Bay
17 Blast to the Stone Pillar 214 (J) Jolly Roger Bay
17 Blast to the Stone Pillar 249 (U) Jolly Roger Bay
18 Through the Jet Stream 421 Jolly Roger Bay
19 Slip Slidin' Away 257 Cool, Cool Mountain
20 Li'l Penguin Lost 398.4799805 (J) Cool, Cool Mountain
20 Li'l Penguin Lost 307 (U) Cool, Cool Mountain
21 Big Penguin Race 136 Cool, Cool Mountain
22 Frosty Slide for 8 Red Coins 301 Cool, Cool Mountain
23 Snowman's Lost His Head 414.8747559 Cool, Cool Mountain
24 Wall Kicks Will Work 318 Cool, Cool Mountain
25 Go on a Ghost Hunt 281 Big Boo's Haunt
26 Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round 357 Big Boo's Haunt
27 Secret of the Haunted Books 326 Big Boo's Haunt
28 Seek the 8 Red Coins 281 Big Boo's Haunt
29 Big Boo's Balcony 333 Big Boo's Haunt
30 Eye to Eye in the Secret Room 259 Big Boo's Haunt
31 Swimming Beast in the Cavern 279 Hazy Maze Cave
32 Elevate for 8 Red Coins 300 Hazy Maze Cave
33 Metal-Head Mario Can Move! 289 Hazy Maze Cave
34 Navigating the Toxic Maze 257 Hazy Maze Cave
35 A-Maze-ing Emergency Exit 242 Hazy Maze Cave
36 Watch for Rolling Rocks 240 Hazy Maze Cave
37 Boil the Big Bully 182 Lethal Lava Land
38 Bully the Bullies 293 Lethal Lava Land
39 8-Coin Puzzle with 15 Pieces 196 Lethal Lava Land
40 Red-Hot Log Rolling 144 Lethal Lava Land
41 Hot-Foot-It into the Volcano 259 Lethal Lava Land
42 Elevator Tour in the Volcano 168 Lethal Lava Land
43 In the Talons of the Big Bird 257.0000648498536 Shifting Sand Land
44 Shining Atop the Pyramid 97 Shifting Sand Land
45 Inside the Ancient Pyramid 235 Shifting Sand Land
46 Stand Tall on the Four Pillars 276 Shifting Sand Land
47 Free Flying for 8 Red Coins 186 Shifting Sand Land
48 Pyramid Puzzle 171 Shifting Sand Land
49 Board Bowser's Sub 279 (with Sub) Dire, Dire Docks
49 Board Bowser's Sub 4152.721436 (without Sub) Dire, Dire Docks
50 Chests in the Current 1119 Dire, Dire Docks
51 Pole-Jumping for Red Coins 271 Dire, Dire Docks
52 Through the Jet Stream 119 Dire, Dire Docks
53 The Manta Ray's Reward 1272.068359 Dire, Dire Docks
54 Collect the Caps... 387 Dire, Dire Docks
55 Snowman's Big Head 148.0097656 Snowman's Land
56 Chill with the Bully 248 Snowman's Land
57 In the Deep Freeze 121 Snowman's Land
58 Whirl from the Freezing Pond 311 Snowman's Land
59 Shell Shreddin' for Red Coins 176 Snowman's Land
60 Into the Igloo 183 Snowman's Land
61 Shocking Arrow Lifts! 331 Wet-Dry World
62 Top O' the Town 289 Wet-Dry World
63 Secrets in the Shallows & Sky 300 Wet-Dry World
64 Express Elevator--Hurry Up! 72 Wet-Dry World
65 Go to Town for Red Coins 191 Wet-Dry World
66 Quick Race Through Downtown! 285 Wet-Dry World
67 Scale the Mountain 290.7370605 Tall, Tall Mountain
68 Mystery of the Monkey Cage 305.1132813 Tall, Tall Mountain
69 Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins 203 Tall, Tall Mountain
70 Mysterious Mountainside 269 Tall, Tall Mountain
71 Breathtaking View from Bridge 119 Tall, Tall Mountain
72 Blast to the Lonely Mushroom 236 Tall, Tall Mountain
73 Pluck the Piranha Flower 197 Tiny-Huge Island
74 The Tip Top of the Huge Island 309 Tiny-Huge Island
75 Rematch with Koopa the Quick 235 Tiny-Huge Island
76 Five Itty Bitty Secrets 67 Tiny-Huge Island
77 Wiggler's Red Coins 288 Tiny-Huge Island
78 Make Wiggler Squirm 205 Tiny-Huge Island
79 Roll into the Cage 323 Tick Tock Clock
80 The Pit and the Pendulums 319 Tick Tock Clock
81 Get a Hand 196 Tick Tock Clock
82 Stomp on the Thwomp 249 Tick Tock Clock
83 Timed Jumps on Moving Bars 286 Tick Tock Clock
84 Stop Time for Red Coins 1622 Tick Tock Clock
85 Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow 238.0019531 Rainbow Ride
86 The Big House in the Sky 249 Rainbow Ride
87 Coins Amassed in a Maze 382 Rainbow Ride
88 Swingin' in the Breeze 416 Rainbow Ride
89 Tricky Triangles! 332 Rainbow Ride
90 Somewhere Over the Rainbow 316 Rainbow Ride
91 The Princess's Secret Slide (Block) 319 The Princess's Secret Slide
92 The Princess’s Secret Slide (under 21"0) 287 The Princess's Secret Slide
93 The Secret Aquarium Red Coin Star 152 The Secret Aquarium
94 Tower of the Wing Cap Red Coin Star 347 Tower of the Wing Cap
95 Vanish Cap under the Moat Red Coin Star 250 Vanish Cap under the Moat
96 Cavern of the Metal Cap Red Coin Star 260.4927368 Cavern of the Metal Cap
97 Toad Star #1 245 The Castle
98 Toad Star #2 245 The Castle
99 Toad Star #3 245 The Castle
100 MIPS Star #1 245 The Castle
101 MIPS Star #2 245 The Castle
102 Wing Mario Over the Rainbow Red Coin Star 281.1378174 Wing Mario Over the Rainbow
103 Bowser in the Dark World Red Coin Star 133 Bowser in the Dark World
104 Bowser in the Fire Sea Red Coin Star 222 Bowser in the Fire Sea
105 Bowser in the Sky Red Coin Star 353 Bowser in the Sky
106 100 Coin Star 245 All 15 main courses
107 Grand Star 200 Bowser in the Sky

Mario must be less than 117 units away to collect a star.


Most stars spawn with coordinates that are divisible by 100, although 100 Coin Stars can spawn anywhere. Some stars are always loaded, while some (such as Red Coin Stars and Secret Stars) load during the level at a Star Spawner.

Yaw Velocity (Angular Speed)

Power Stars spawned from a ! Block have a yaw velocity of 1024 angle units per frame (168.75 deg/s). All other Power Stars have a yaw velocity of 2048 angle units per frame (337.5 deg/s). This is because the Power Stars have different behaviors. All Power Stars spin counterclockwise when viewed from above, similarly to a globe.

Storage in memory

Power Stars are stored such that it is impossible to collect more than 120 stars by collecting two of the same star, even if both are yellow.[2]