Snowman's Lost His Head

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Snowman's Lost His Head
Star Info
Course Cool, Cool Mountain
Course Records
TAS World Record 35.50[1]

Snowman's Lost His Head is the 5th star of Cool, Cool Mountain.

TAS History

Snowman's Lost His Head History
Date Time Improvement (Frames) Improvement Author(s) Save Description/Notes
Mar 8, 2010 35.47[2] mamunine Darker-coloured rows are US version, which has 3 textboxes less
Mar 16, 2010 35.40[3] 2 Nahoc, Van Helsing
2012 35.37[4] 1 120 star TAS authors From the 2012 120 star TAS
"old"[5] 36.43[5] 1 Snark Japanese version, which has 3 textboxes more (+33f)