Fall onto the Caged Island

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Fall onto the Caged Island
Star Info
Course WF
Height Above Ground 204[1]
Course Records
TAS World Record 8.80[2]
RTA World Record 10.14 (10.13 IGT)[3]
ABC Minimum 0[4]
ABZ Minimum 3 (0.5 Non-text) (B, B, A)[5]
For a tutorial on speedrunning this star, see the RTA Guide
For a tutorial on RTABC for this star, see the RTABC Guide

Fall onto the Caged Island is the fifth mission of Whomp's Fortress. To complete it, Mario must collect the Power Star on the caged island floating in the sky by using the owl to drop down. The owl can be found in the first tree when selecting stars 3-6. It is possible to jump directly there using precise movements.

A Button Challenge

Mario first reaches the top of the course. He can get on the checkered elevator by walking up a slope and diving onto the elevator. One up, he triggers the bossfight with king whomp. Mario then lures king whomp to the edge of the area. He makes him faceplant at the right moment and location that Mario can perform a dive recover off of the checkered elevator near it’s peak height, allowing for Mario to land on king whomp. He then climbs to the top as king whomp recovers. He then lures king whomp to the very edge of the area, so close that half his body is off the edge. He then performs a pause dive recover off king whomp. He performs a pause dive recover because sliding reduces mario’s speed, so to maximise Mario’s speed he needs to minimise his sliding time, and since both the dive and recover action is performed with B, he needs to pause buffer. This lands him in the cage, where he collects the star.


TAS Strategy

Mario begins by doing a jump kick, and then positions himself to do 2 consecutive long jumps, the second being on the elevated dirt path. He aims towards the stone corner, allowing for the wall hibox to push Mario to the right, reducing the distance Mario needs to travel. He then peforms glitchy wall kick to ascend to the ramp without changing his angle. Upon landing, Mario immediately performs 2 jump dives to maintain his speed. Maio then adjusts his angle to the left and performs another jump dive, landing on the small mesh fence. The wall hitbox moves Mario slightly to the right, which helps him with his angle. Mario recovers on the stairs, and slightly adjusts his angle to the left. He performs a kick at the last stair, and due to the elevation of the stair, he is on the ground the next frame, allowing him to instantly jump again. He wall kick dives onto the edge of the floating island and grinds along the edge in order to be able to sideflip faster. He sideflips and then does a wall kick, making him rise almost parrallel to the mesh wall. Once he's high enough, the inner wall snaps him into the cage. As soon as this happens, Mario dives, making him bonk into the wall infront of him. The bonk knocks Mario back, into the star.

TAS History

Fall onto the Caged Island History
Date Time Improvement (Frames) Improvement Author(s) Save Description/Notes
2008 Dec 30 9.50 24BrianRulez24 Old timing, run has been lost
2009 Sep 13 9.40 [6] MRobertZ, 24BrianRulez24
2010 Aug 9 9.30 3 mickey11189 (Run has been lost)
2010 Aug 10 9.27 [7] 1 snark
2012 Nov 25 9.20 [8] 2 120 Star TAS Team Part of the 2012 120 Star TAS
2014 May 10 8.97 [9] 8 USTA 2877
2018 Feb 28 9.17 [10] Plush, ToT Not an improvement, but uses a different strategy
2018 Mar 2 8.93 [11] 1 Plush Better grinding
2021 Aug 8 8.90 [12] 1 Crackhex