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Fall onto the Caged Island
Record Information
RTA World Record 10.93
Single Star World Record 9.97

Fall onto the Caged Island is the fifth mission in Whomp's Fortress.

Owl (Hoot)

  • You must select stars 3-6 after completing stars 1 and 2 to spawn the owl.
  • Momentum is stored and reversed when you jump onto the owl so try to land at the spot in the video and jump directly up at him with no directional input.
  • Turn in the tree before jumping out by holding right for a little bit.

Owlless (Standard)

  • Select Star 1 to avoid tower lag and/or spawning the owl.


Movement to Island

Some people find the wallclip setup makes the spacing easier for the fence clip.

Cage Wallkick

  • Beginner: No camera change, hold upleft for fence clip. Hold slightly up after landing on the spinning platform for the slow turn.
  • Advanced: When implementing the quick turn on the island, it's highly recommended that you perform the camera changes (2 c-Rights and 1 C-up) before rolling out on the island. This will allow you more time to prepare for the quick turn, and it will also allow you to hold A before you land so that you can begin the triple jump with a buffered kick.


Double Jump Owlless

Advanced strategy that wallkicks from a double jump rather than a triple jump.



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