Glitchy Wall Kick

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A GWK used in 1 Key TAS
Several GWKs in quick succession in WF

A glitchy wall kick, or GWK for short, is a wall kick where Mario ends up wall kicking along the wall instead of away from it.

Bonk GWK

A bonk GWK can occur when Mario bonks on a wall then bonks on a ceiling, another wall, or out-of-bounds within the 5 frames he can wall kick. This makes Mario wall kick away from the second wall in the direction of the first wall.[1] Bonk GWKs can never be firsties.

Quarter Frame GWK

A quarter frame GWK can occur when one of Mario's first 3 quarter steps enters a wall, a ceiling, or out-of-bounds, and the last quarter frame enters the hitbox of a different wall.[1]