Hyperspeed Punching

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Hyperspeed Punching (abbreviated as HSP) is a technique that allows speed to be built by repeatedly move-punching on a slope within a specific angle range. Given ideal geometry, it is possible to gain arbitrary speed in this manner. Like Hyper Speed Walking, this is a method for obtaining PU speed that can be performed in zero A presses, making it potentially useful for the A Button Challenge.

While move-punching, Mario has abnormally low friction compared to other actions with similar physics. If the floor is steep enough, Mario can overpower this friction with downhill slope acceleration. Unless Mario is standing in shallow water, the floor must not be too steep or else he will begin to slide.

To execute this technique, Mario needs to begin his next punch on the same frame that he ends his last. Joystick input must have low enough magnitude to avoid diving, but otherwise doesn't matter.


In order for Mario to gain net positive acceleration, the normal.y value of the floor must be contained in a specific range, depending on the floor's slope class [1]:

  • 0x13 (slide): 0.9848077 - 0.9961947
  • 0x14 (slippery): 0.9396926 - 0.9848077
  • 0x15 (non-slippery): Impossible
  • def (default): 0.7880108 - 0.808690

These ranges apply when Mario is not standing in shallow water. Standing in shallow water prevents Mario from sliding, allowing HSP to be performed on steeper slopes. Specifically, there is no minimum slope steepness in shallow water. In slide areas, namely Princess's Secret Slide and Tall, Tall Mountain's slide, HSP is not possible without shallow water.


This strategy can be used in Jolly Roger Bay to build at least 150 speed on one of the pillars. The upper bound is a result of the speed lost from having to repeatedly conserve speed from water onto land.

This strategy allows the following actions to be done in 0 A Presses: