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C^ Hyperspeed is a hyperspeed glitch that allows Mario to build up unbounded speed by sliding down a slippery slope while trying to enter first person mode.


The trick happens when the player enters first person mode by pressing C^. Usually Mario's speed decreases and he comes to a stop, but if he is on a very slippery slope (type 0x13) he will accelerate. If he is facing uphill, he will get negative speed, and if he is facing downhill, he will get positive speed. If he is facing exactly 90° to the slope, he will still gain negative speed. The C^ action can be cancelled with a kick, a punch, becoming airborne, or hitting a wall. If it is not cancelled, Mario will slow down and enter first person mode once he exits the slope.

Main Courses with Access to C^ Hyperspeed
Course Performable? Location
Bob-omb Battlefield Yes On the white slope past the Chain Chomp
Whomp's Fortress Yes* Various slopes, on the fences throughout the level
Jolly Roger Bay No
Cool, Cool Mountain Yes Various slopes, the slide*
Big Boo's Haunt Yes On the fences inside the mansion
Hazy Maze Cave Yes A slope next to the circular black pit*, a circular island in the lake, various slopes next to the moving arrow platform in the red coins room
Lethal Lava Land No
Shifting Sand Land Yes Along the edges of quicksand pits, the pyramid*, on the fences inside the pyramid
Dire, Dire Docks Yes On the sides of Bowser's sub
Tall, Tall Mountain Yes Various slopes, the slide*
Tiny-Huge Island Yes (Tiny) On the green slope near the tree,

(Huge) On the green slope near the cave entrance

Wet-Dry World Yes Gray slope near the edge of the level bounds
Snowman's Land Yes Various slopes
Tick Tock Clock No
Rainbow Ride Yes Sides of the unactivated Tricky Triangles
Special Courses/Areas with Access to C^ Hyperspeed
Course/Area Performable? Location
Bowser in the Dark World Yes Green checkered slope before the pipe
Bowser in the Fire Sea Yes Green slopes surrounding the Bowser battle warp
Bowser in the Sky No
The Princess's Secret Slide Yes* The slide itself
Secret Aquarium No
Tower of the Wing Cap No
Cavern of the Metal Cap No
Vanish Cap under the Moat No
Wing Mario over the Rainbow No
Castle Grounds Yes Various green slopes
Castle Foyer Yes On the fences
Castle Basement Yes On the fences
Castle Upstairs Yes On the fences
Castle Courtyard No

*Slopes with surface types other than 0x13 exist in these areas (such as 0x00, 0x14, or 0x36), which will build speed much slower than 0x13 surface types.


  • C^ hyperspeed is used at the beginning of the Tall, Tall Mountain slide during speedruns to save time. It is also used in the pit room of Hazy Maze Cave to reach Watch for Rolling Rocks faster.
  • A Button Challenge - C^ hyperspeed is used in Bob-omb Battlefield and conserved into the lobby to pass the 8-star door with 0 stars in 0x A presses. This is used to enter the Secret Aquarium 0xA.