Tall, Tall Mountain

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Tall, Tall Mountain
Course Info
Abbreviation TTM
Terrain Default/Slide
Setting Day
Water Some
Course Items
Coins 111 ( Yellow Coin.gif ×80  •  Red Coin.gif ×8  •  Blue Coin.gif ×3)
Enemy Coins 26 ( Yellow Coin.gif ×26)
Stars Challenge infobox star 1.gif ×7
Star Navigation

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Tall, Tall Mountain is the 12th course of Super Mario 64. It can be accessed by going upstairs and going to the small painting of mushrooms. Since it is found upstairs, the bare minimum requirement to reach it is the key from Bowser in the Fire Sea, so 31 Stars are normally required to get to it (without the use of game-breaking glitches).

Course Versions

  • Version 1: When Star 1 is selected, the Scale the Mountain star will be present
  • Version 2: When Star 2 is selected, Ukiki will be at the top of the mountain and there will be a cage with a star.
  • Version 3: When Star 3-6 is selected, neither the Scale the Mountain star nor the cage will be present.

Collecting Coins

There are a total of 137 coins in the course. When you clone coins using a bob-omb, each clone takes up a slot in memory that cannot be removed. However, if you go into the slide, and then exit out of the slide, the clones are gone, allowing the player to collect 999 coins.

Location Count
47 yellow coins on the slide (one is hidden at the very start) 47
Ring of coins at start, down the path by the crazy box 8
Line of coins on bridge from Chuckya to bob-omb buddy 5
Line of coins by moles, when you hang down from the leaves 5
Line of coins by entrance to slide 5
Vertical line of coins by ! switch near top of mountain 5
Line of coins on rock bridge, beside waterfall, near the very top 5
9 Goombas 9
5 Bob-ombs 5
1 Crazy Box 5
1 Chuckya 5
1 Fly Guy 2
8 Red Coins 16
3 blue coins on the slide 15
Total 137


Mountain Clip Glitch

By holding up at the beginning of the level, and Long Jumping past the water, you'll get onto a steep slope on the mountain. Immediately hold up-right on the analog stick and press B. You'll clip through the slope into an area with some water. (To see this, press C-Left twice.) Swim forwards and swim towards the corner of the water. Swim off of it, and you'll teleport upwards to a higher part of the mountain. Speedrunners use this to skip past a long part of the mountain.

A Press Counts

In the A Button Challenge, it takes no A Presses to collect all seven stars.

Entering Tall, Tall Mountain (0x)

Similar to The Princess's Secret Slide, the painting can be entered with a precise dive recover.

Scale the Mountain (0x)

This star is normally collected 0x by luring or cloning a Goomba, but recently a faster strat involving fly guy manipulation was discovered.[1] This strategy does not modify the HOLP, so it is viable for the any% route involving a faster HOLP for BitS.

Mystery of the Monkey Cage (0x)

Mario can climb the mountain easily with Frame Walking, and he just grabs Ukiki and collects the star.[2]

Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins (0x)

The star is mostly trivial due to frame walking.[3]

Mysterious Mountainside (0x)

With a slide kick, Mario reaches the area where the star is easily and quickly.[4]

Breathtaking View from Bridge (0x)

Mario frame walks up the mountain, activates the ! Switch to make the cork box appear, then slide kicks into the star.[5]

Blast to the Lonely Mushroom (0x)

Mario grabs the Crazy Box at the beginning of the level, bouncing directly to the star.[6]

100 Coins

Mario collects coins from Chuckya, coin lines, coin rings, the Crazy Box, Goombas, and the slide.[7] This is enough to get 100 coins.