Hyperspeed Water Sliding

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Hyperspeed Water Sliding or HSWS is a technique to repeatedly gain speed via C^ Hyperspeed followed by entering water. Going into water conserves sliding speed, which can be used to gain speed by conserving that speed back into a sliding state.


This uses the C^ Hyperspeed trick and sliding speed conversion. On a slippery slope with water, pressing Z the frame Mario leaves the water will set his horizontal speed to his sliding speed, which is how sliding speed is conserved out of water. However, this puts Mario into a crouching action. By pressing C-Up on the same frame Z was pressed, i.e. pressing both Z and C-Up on the frame Mario leaves the water, the crouch will be cancelled and Mario will start going into first person. By leaving the water into a slippery slope, the braking caused by pressing C-Up will cause Mario to initiate C^ Hyperspeed on the slope, which adds to the speed that was originally conserved into the water. Mario can then enter the water again after the speed is gained and repeat the process.

Non-slippery Slope Variant

HSWS can also be performed on nonslippery slopes by staying on the slope for 1 frame at a time.[1] The speed gained from this trick asymptotes at ~100.