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Spawning displacement is a technique that allows Mario to receive displacement from a moving platform for one frame when spawning, hence the name. It is exclusive to the original Japanese version. Spawning displacement occurs when Mario exits the level (such as through the pause menu, through death, through a warp, or by getting a star) and ends up standing on a moving object for one frame, whether it be an object from the previous level that was moving and unloaded ("Normal" Spawning Displacement) or an object in the castle that overwrote the object Mario was standing on while exiting the level ("Reverse" Spawning Displacement). In other words, Spawning Displacement occurs when exiting a level while standing on either a moving object which will not be overwritten by a non-moving object after unloading or an object which gets overwritten by a moving object after unloading. Spawning displacement results in Mario being displaced from his typical spawning position.[1]


Mario can utilize spawning displacement to re-enter Tick Tock Clock without pressing the A button. This is done by standing on a spinner and collecting a Star. Once the spinner rotates, it displaces Mario to spawn lower in the clock, landing on the edge of the clock next to the painting, thereby saving the A press needed to enter TTC. This is done three times in the 120 star run, saving three A presses due to the strict requirements only being applicable with three stars:


Spawning displacement actually would occur on all versions of the game, but the displacement is overwritten before it can have an effect. This happens regardless of what causes the displacement. Simply standing on a moving platform (spawning displacement) has this effect, but so do some other things.

Teleport Displacement

Teleport displacement is a different type of platform displacement that is not exclusive to the Japanese version. To perform it, clone a teleport point near a moving object so that said object will move after Mario has initiated the teleport. As a result, Mario will be displaced from the teleport's destination. Due to these very rare conditions, this can only be performed in Wet-Dry World, since this is the only level in which you can clone a teleporter (via loading zone) that has a moving platform.[5]

Platform Release Displacement

Platform release displacement is displacement that occurs for one frame after releasing a platform. Since platforms cannot normally be held, they must be cloned. Because falling blocks in Whomp's Fortress, Big Boo's Haunt, and Bowser in the Fire Sea and the octagonal rotating platform in Wet-Dry World are the only platforms that can be cloned, these are the only ones that can cause platform release displacement. Since this displacement occurs from the new location of the platform, releasing it remotely at the HOLP can cause a very large displacement, which can even cause Mario to enter a vertical PU.[6]