Chuckya Wrong Throw

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Chuckya Wrong Throw is a glitch that exploits Chuckya's anchor point(AP). This works similarly to Mario's HOLP. When Chuckya throws Mario, the latter appears at the anchor point. The anchor point is initialized to Chuckya's position on level load and is updated whenever Chuckya is rendered.

This behavior can be exploited by being grabbed by Chuckya when he is not rendered, for example by using BCA, this will cause Mario to be thrown at the anchor point instead of Chuckya's real position

King Bob-omb also uses the same mechanic, but it is limited by its behavior and the camera in its fight, making it unusable in vanilla

By throwing Chuckya to a remote HOLP, moving the camera away, and getting grabbed by that same Chuckya, it's possible to effectively teleport to the HOLP.

This trick was used by multiple times by Marbler in BitS to reach a HOLP, saving a lot of time over the past strategies.[1]