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This article lists glitches whose cause has not been determined.

Glitch Description Known Occurrences
TTC Upwarp The TTC Upwarp glitch caused Mario to teleport from one of the TTC spinning platforms to near the ceiling of the platform above it. The glitch has only been documented one time and may be hardware related. "TTC Upwarp Highlight" by UncommentatedPannen
TTC Push Block Downwarp One of the moving bars in TTC suddenly teleported downwards. The warp itself happened off-camera but the moving bar was in the wrong spot after. Since both this and the TTC upwarp involve objects having their Y-position change suddenly, the two may be related in some way. However, the same glitch has since occurred multiple times to the same person, along with several other strange glitches. It is now thought to simply be a problem with the runner's hardware, although the exact nature of the problem is unknown. "weird teleporting thing" by dumpdome64 "mario" by dupdome
Sound Glitch Sound glitch is specifically a crash in the audio thread of the game, which will crash the game thread once the two attempt to sync (typically level loading). Most methods of crashing this way unexplained and only recently has the concept of the audio thread crashing become the understood major thing that connects all "sound glitches." "sound glitch in DW?" by taihou64
"Soundglitch on US?" clipped by Menstilo
"Super Mario 64 - Secrets In The Shallows & Sky 32"43" by Xiah7s
"Super Mario 64: BitS No Sound Glitch (Non-TAS)" by Rene
"SM64 No Sound Death Glitch" by Mitagi
"sound glitch on BLJs" by Racingman1
"sound glitch (US)" by Millnium
Unexplained Crashes These are seemingly random crashes whose causes are unknown. "MIPS Crash"
"WDW Crash"
"WF Crash"
DDD Submarine Emulator Crash The game sometimes crashes near the Submarine in DDD on emulator for unknown reasons. "Submarine Crash by Lancerity"
"Submarine Crash by Galaxtic"
"Submarine Crash by Katun24"
Temporary Game Freeze The game briefly froze and then unfroze in these instances. A running theory for these issue is that it happens when the controller is plugged in, but not sending input ,which freezes the game as it waits to receive the input from the controller. This can apparently happen with third party controller or adapters[citation needed] "RR Game Freeze"
"Bowser 1 Game Freeze"
BitFS elevator downwarp Mario was teleported downward from the BitFS elevator during a race, this glitch has only been documented once on the US N64 version of the game "BitFS elevator downwarp"
Grand Star Downwarp Mario or the camera (The exact circumstances are contested) seemingly was downwarped when collecting the Grand Star, reported on J1.0 "super mario 64 - 120 star speedrun" by FrenchiestFry2

Solved glitches

This is a list of glitches that once figured on this list, but have since been solved

Glitch Description Known occurences
BitDW Spawning Displacement This is an example of Reverse Spawning Displacement, by creating dust in the basement and entering the lobby, it is possible to segment the memory of the object bank and load the trapdoor in a different memory slot. If this slot is 101-104, the trapdoor will get overwritten by the evolving elevators. Those elevators spawn at their axle, and are then moved at their relative positions by speed, which displaces Mario "L'ICEBERG de MARIO 64 : 100% expliqué" by Farod
"unknown sm64 glitch - spawning displacement in bitdw" by Tabascoth Secondary (Reupload of a tweet)
Reproduction by pannenkoek2012, reuploaded by Deldee
Double Red Coin Sound Glitch This glitch is caused when lag makes the red coins sound spawner unload on the same frame as the sound stop, which makes the unload signal be interpreted as a "play" signal "dddred"clipped by SvenirDE
"double red coin sound glitch" by devwizard64
"5056" by taka193921
"bobred" clipped by SvenirDE
"ttmred" clipped by SvenirDE