Enemy Manipulation

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Enemy Manipulation is a broad term used to refer to any exploitation of an enemy's behavior to lead to an unexpected result.


Chase Extension

If a Goomba hits a wall, steep slope, or another Goomba when chasing Mario, the chase will be extended. This can allow the goomba to reach positions that would normally be too far from its home. This is used in Jolly Roger Bay to press the Blue Coin Block without using the A button by bouncing off the extended Goomba [1]

Goomba Escort

Goombas normally cannot wak outside of a certain distance around their home, as they will then start turning back toward it. However, by having two goombas constantly collide with one another, it is possible for their target angle to keep updating without allowing them to turn fully, making them walk further and further away from their homes[2][3]

In December 2022, this trick was used to reach the mainland in Tiny Huge Island without using a Star Dance Clip, making most stars of this level much faster[4]


Scuttlebug Raising

When a scuttlebug spots Mario, it turns towards him and lunges forward slightly. However, if the scuttlebug is deactivated during the lunge, the scuttlebug cannot fall down until it is reactivated. Upon spotting Mario and being reactivated, the scuttlebug will begin another lunge while still in the air from the previous lunge. By carefully moving back and forth in an area where the scuttlebug can be deactivated and reactivated, these lunges can be chained together so that the scuttlebug will gain arbitrary height in the air. This is notably used in the star Watch for Rolling Rocks in order to get to the high platform where the star is located.[5]

Scuttlebug Transportation

Scuttlebugs can normally only move within a certain range around their homes. However, when a scuttlebug hits Mario, his home because the point of interaction. This allows to transport a scuttlebug to a lot of otherwise unreachable location[6]

This is used extensively in Big Boo's Haunt and Hazy Maze Cave for the A Button Challenge

Fly Guys

Fly Guy Manipulation

Fly Guys have two states, one where they will chase Mario, and one where they will return to their home. This state changes depending on how close the fly guy is to Mario laterally, the fly guy's height above Mario, and the angle between Mario and the fly guy. If a fly guy is far enough above Mario and facing him, the fly guy will be put in the state of chasing Mario, even if the fly guy is not active. By moving above the fly guy with careful timing, the fly guy will begin the action of lunging. If the fly guy is spinning while in the chasing Mario state, moving above the fly guy will make the fly guy stop spinning but activate its lunging action. In this way, the fly guy can be made to lunge toward Mario from wherever it currently is located. [7]

Fly Guy Size Manipulation

When a fly guy is preparing to shoot fire at Mario, the fly guy will grow slightly, then shrink slightly before firing. However, by moving out of the fly guy's angle of fire repeatedly, the fly guy can be made to shrink infinitely, since the fly guy will shrink slightly more than it grows each time the firing timer is reset.[8]