Mario's Platform Adventure

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Mario's Platform Adventure or MPA[1] is a trick where the controllable platform in Hazy Maze Cave can be clipped out of bounds, allowing the transport of enemies.


When the controllable platform hits a wall, it will stop and then starts moving in the other direction. However, it will still clip into the wall for a single frame. The controllable platform also has a anti-spam timer to prevent us from constantly reactivating it, but it can be bypassed by rapidly alternating between two buttons. Since pressing another button instantly resets Mario's ability to control the platform, it is possible to keep alternating between them in a corner in order to clip the platform out of bounds.


HMC is an example of a level that uses rooms. Each room is an area, typically separated from other areas by doors. Each enemy “belongs” to the room it’s in. Mario also has a current room, determined by the last solid floor he was above. If Mario is not in a given enemy’s room, it is frozen in place and made invisible. The red platform acts as if it belongs to Mario’s current room. Furthermore, Mario’s current room doesn’t change until he moves over solid ground again. This means that we can use it to transport enemies through out-of-bounds to anywhere in the level, so long as:

  • We can get the platform out of bounds.
  • We can get Mario out of bounds, on the platform.
  • We can get enemies out of bounds onto our platform. [1]

This is used in Watch for Rolling Rocks to complete the star in 0 A presses.

This trick was also used to solve an unsolved challenge: Crashing the game by going Out of Bounds in the metal cap entry room in HMC.[2]