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Mario in a misalignment[1]
A misalignment exists on every corner of axis-aligned edges facing away from the origin
A graphic showing the difference between a misalignment and an open corner

A Misalignment is a 1x1-unit area a floor hitbox extends to but wall hitboxes do not. On convex corners, they allow Mario to snap up to the floor from up to 78 units below it, as opposed to just 30 units when there is a wall hitbox present.


WR TAS Time Saves

Because they allow lower jumps to reach ledges and cancel air actions immediately, they are useful for saving time in TASes regardless of their demanded precision.

  • Timesaves:
    • TODO

A Button Challenge

Because of the extra height they allow Mario to gain and the ability to get directly under the floor, they're very useful in the A button challenge. They also require almost no setup or allow less setup than otherwise, which makes them the preferred method over many other ABC strats. Uses include:

  • Timesaves:
    • Chip off Whomp's Block (WF), where a misalignment on King Whomp is used to get onto him with stored VS, enabling Mario to ground-pound him without help from the elevator. This also removes the need to clone the star as Mario can ground-pound King Whomp at the star spawn location.[12][13]
    • To the Top of the Fortress (WF), where a misalignment on a tower platform is used which removes the need for slow HOLP setting in BOB as well as both wing and metal cap.[14][15]
    • Bowser in the Dark World, where a misalignment is used to get to a higher platform without VSC. This also makes BitDW non-terminating, but that's not currently useful.[16]