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Tool Assisted Speedrun or Tool Assisted Superplay is a speedrun created with frame-perfect inputs and save states and most commonly uses a number of glitches that the developers never knew existed. While regularly playing the game, you get to experience the whole environment they dedicated a long time developing on. While speedrunning a game, you make up your own rules and try to beat the game as quickly as possible. A TAS in it's typical nature is a special genre where you once again appose a new set of rules on your game of choice, but instead of looking what is humanly possible, displays of what the run would look like if a human can be 100% accurate with their input on the controller on every single frame. To make a TAS, you need 3 features on an emulator: Save-States, Slow-down, Frame Advance. These are most common features used to make a TAS video. TASing doesn't require 5 minutes of work, it requires more than 2 hours to make up a run, and a single TAS that last 2 minutes could take weeks to optimize and make the run look perfect. In order to TAS, you would need an emulator, most people use mupen64-rr for Nintendo 64 games like Super Mario 64. Memory Watch, which is optionally used to optimize frame perfect inputs. Most common is the mupen64-rr Memory Watch, or STROOP.