Shoot to the Island in the Sky

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Shoot to the Island in the Sky
Star Info
Course BoB
Height Above Ground 313
Course Records
TAS World Record 14.27[1]
RTA World Record 17.83[2]
ABC Minimum 0[3]
For a tutorial on speedrunning this star, see the RTA Guide
For a tutorial on RTABC for this star, see the RTABC Guide

Shoot to the Island in the Sky is the third mission of Bob-omb Battlefield. To complete it, Mario must hit the item box on the floating island and collect the Power Star inside. This can be accomplished through many means such as using a nearby cannon to reach the island, or simply long-jumping from the mountain summit.

A Button Challenge

The first method discovered was to use a Goomba structure to get on the island.[4] It was originally thought that 15 goombas were required, but upon closer examination, it was clear only 7 were needed. Before getting up to the top of the island, a bowling ball is placed below the star box by crouching while holding a clone, releasing it at the HOLP but at Mario’s height. This is use to release a goomba clone below the star box so that Mario can utilize its bounce to reach the star, which is too high for a dive recover to reach. The first method soon was replaced with faser strategies. One time save involved using a single Goomba clone and a bloated Bob-omb to reach the island. Since then, this star can be done 0x in just over 30 seconds.[5] This is done by using shell hyperspeed to build up roughly 450 speed, then climbing the mountain and speeding off the edge and landing directly ontop of the star box.

TAS History[6]

Shoot to the Island in the Sky History
Date Time Improvement (Frames) Improvement Author(s) Save Description/Notes
17.50 CSammerZ Run has been lost
Jan 27, 2010 14.90 [7] 78 Nahoc10
Jan 18, 2010 14.83 [8] 2 Bobmario511
14.67 5 24BianRulez24 Run has been lost
Jun 11, 2010 14.60 2 24BrianRulez24 Run has been lost
Sep 21, 2010 14.53 2 Mickeys11189 Run has been lost
Sep 27, 2010 14.46[9] 2 Sonicpacker, SilentSlayers Saved 1f from higher BLJ speed and –1f from a jump kick on the island to maintain speed.
Jan 8, 2011 14.43 1 Nothing693 Run has been lost
Nov 26, 2012 14.40 [10] 1 Nothing693, Snark From the 2012 120 star TAS. Got onto the island faster by double jumping off a rock instead of climbing the mountain.
Mar 18, 2018 14.27 [11] 4 Plush Saved 1f from landing closer to the star box.

TAS Strategy

The original strategy was to BLJ off of the elevator, then travel up the mountain, starting at a steep slope near the bottom. Mario then launches off the side of the mountain and lands on the island. This was replaced by a new strategy in the "120 Star TAS (2012)". After BLJing on the evelator, mario grabs onto a tree to convert his speed into forewards speed, then double jump dives off of a nearby rock, which lands him onto the island. Although not a faster strategy, in late 2015 Tomatobird8 found an interesting strategy which was similar to the double jump strategy, but instead of BLJing off of the elevator, used a Cork Box and the sloped bridge to build speed.[12]