Blast Away the Wall

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Blast Away the Wall
Star Info
Course WF
Height Above Ground 18.75756836[1]
Course Records
TAS World Record 5.37[2]
RTA World Record 7.54 (7.53 IGT)[3]
ABC Minimum 0[4]
ABZ Minimum 0[5]
For a tutorial on speedrunning this star, see the RTA Guide
For a tutorial on RTABC for this star, see the RTABC Guide

Blast Away the Wall is the sixth and final mission of Whomp's Fortress. To complete it, Mario must collect a Power Star inside a breakable wall by blasting into it with a cannon.


Normally, A needs to be pressed in order to fire the cannon, however, this can be skipped by performing the cannonless glitch where Mario ledge grabs into the wall, causing his hitbox to touch the star. This also means the star can be done cannonless. Due to the courses design, it is very easy to collect the star without pressing any buttons, by simply walking up the slopes to reach the bridge. This star can also be collected without using the joystick.[6] This is done by heading to the owl, and controlling it by regrabbing it mid-air, which is possible through pausing to change the global timer, then dropping down to the wall. It's also possible to wall kick directly into the star, meaning this can also be done coinless.


TAS Strategy

Mario heads toward the tree. He kicks and sideflips into the tree, then does a jump dive onto the wet area. He lands on the elevated edge, making him fall once he slides off, allowing him to immediately jump again. Mario does a triple jump onto the edge of the wall and performs a glitchy wall kick up to the star. Mario ledge grabs, extending his hitbox into the star's allowing him to collect it.

TAS History

Blast Away the Wall History
Date Time Improvement (Frames) Improvement Author(s) Save Description/Notes
2008 Dec 16 6.20 24BrianRulez24 Old timing, Run has been lost
2010 Jun 8 7.40 24BrianRulez24 (Run has been lost)
2010 Aug 20 7.33 [7] 2 snark122 Video is private
2010 Aug 30 7.27 [8] 2 Snark Video is private
2012 Nov 25 7.17 [9] 4 120 Star TAS Team Part of the 2012 120 Star TAS
2015 Mar 1 5.60 [10] 47 Snark New strategy
2018 Mar 2 5.57 [11] 1 Plush
2018 Mar 4 5.53 [12] 1 Plush
2021 Aug 8 5.50 [13] 1 Alexpalix1
2023 May 16 5.37 [14] 4 Krithalith (Scattershot) Backflip at the start to grab the tree