Red Coins on the Floating Isle

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Red Coins on the Floating Isle
Star Info
Course WF
Height Above Ground 294[1]
Course Records
TAS World Record 25.37[2]
RTA World Record 26.79 (26.73 IGT)[3]
ABC Minimum 0[4]
ABZ Minimum 2[5]
For a tutorial on speedrunning this star, see the RTA Guide
For a tutorial on RTABC for this star, see the RTABC Guide

Red Coins on the Floating Isle is the fourth mission of Whomp's Fortress. To complete it, Mario must collect the Red Coins scattered around the course. This star is usually collected with the 100 coin star to save time. This star can be collected without using the joystick. [6]


The locations of the coins are

  • 1 on top of the large bomp
  • 1 above the highest thwomp
  • 1 behind the first piranha plant
  • 1 on the thin ledge next to the falling blocks
  • 1 in the path of the rotating bridge
  • 1 on the slope below the rotating bridge
  • 2 on the floating islands/platformss

A Button Challenge

This star can be collected in 0 A presses and in real time. Most of the coins can be pretty easily collected without using A. The bomps are low enough to be traversed with a dive recover. At the top, Mario can reach the floating islands with a well-timed dive recover. He can then get the red coin above the thwomp by dropping down with a slidekick bounce.


TAS Strategy

Without 100 Coins

Mario begins by launching off the tree to the wet ground. He then heads to the slope and wall kicks to the red coin there. He then quickly traverses the slope with 2 kicks and performs another wall kick to get to the rotating platform. He performs an edge grind, allowing him to jump dive, and collect the mid-air red coin on the way. He collects the next 2 coins between the piranha plants, then does a sideflip and a jump dive to get to the island. Mario collects the 2 coins and heads to the lower island where he drops and kicks to collect the coin above the thwomp. He then drops down to the last coin on the bomp, and does a jump dive before getting the coin so that he has speed after the star spawning animation. He then collects the star with a dive recover off of the elevated dirt path.

With 100 Coins

Mario begins on the dirt path and collects the coin line and red coin there. He then turns and double jump dives off the bomp to the stone ramp. He heads across the wet area, collecting all coins. He dives onto the red coin on the slope, and heads to the cannon area. Mario collects all coins as he moves to the overhead area. He throws the cork box at the wall and collects the coins as he climbs up the platforms. After collecting the coin ring, he heads right to the rotating bridge where he long jumps across the gap where the coins are and performs 2 1st frame wall kicks to collect all coins and increase speed. Mario lands and kicks across the plank. He then long jumps onto a slope and slides down, then jumps to the red coin above the thwomp. He triple jumps on the thwomp and due to the design of the platforms, is able to touch the floor from the bottom, snapping him to the top of the island. He collects all coins on the island, and drops down, killing the piranha plant. While the priahna plant dies, Mario collects the red coin on the ledge, and wall kicks. He lands on the last red coin, and double jumps into the blue coin from the piranha, activating both stars. He then collects the 100 coin star and sides down a slope, and jumps onto the red coin star.

TAS History [7] [8]

Red Coins on the Floating Isle History
Date Time Improvement (Frames) Improvement Author(s) Save Description/Notes
Jun 19, 2010 27.8 [9] mapler90210
Jun 25, 2010 27.13 19 CSammerZ (Run has been lost)
Jun 26, 2010 26.7 14 CSammerZ (Run has been lost)
Apr 6, 2012 26.60 [10] 3 Halo YT
Apr 9, 2012 26.57 [11] 1 MrHigmatar
May 16, 2017 25.37 [12] 37 Non5en5e
Jul 16, 2010 57.57 [13] AruaErueru The following runs collect the 100 coin star simultaneously
Sep 28, 2010 54.90 80 Snark, Eru, Nothing693 (run has been lost)
Before Nov 25, 2012 54.50 12 120 Star TAS Team Was in the WIP 120 Star TAS, but was replaced by a better run
Sep 2, 2012 53.77 [14] 22 mkdasher
Nov 25, 2012 53.73 [15] 1 120 Star TAS Team Part of the 2012 120 Star TAS
Feb 23, 2018 53.13 [16] 19 Plush, MKDahser, Mickey