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Coin Spawner
Coin Spawner.png
Hitbox Info
Tangibility radius 2000 units
Interaction type none
Yellow Coin
Found In
All courses

A coin spawner is an invisible object found in most levels. When Mario is within 2000 units of the spawner, its coins are loaded, and when Mario moves out of the 2000-unit radius, its coins are unloaded. When Mario enters the hitbox of a coin, it is unloaded, and a flag is set in the spawner to not load that coin again in the future (unless either the coin or the spawner is a clone or time is stopped, in which case the flag is not updated).


A grounded arrangement is one in which the coins snap to the ground below them, as opposed to a floating arrangement, in which the coins simply float in place. A coin spawned from a grounded spawner will spawn 300 units above the height of the spawner, and find the highest floor below it or within 78 above it. If the floor it finds via this process is above the coin, the coin will not spawn. This occurs only in one case, with a coin line in Tiny-Huge Island.[1]

Subtype Number Count Arrangement
0 5 Grounded horizontal line of 5, 160 units space between coins
2 8 Grounded horizontal ring of 8
4 8 Grounded horizontal arrow of 8
16 5 Floating horizontal line of 5, 160 units space between coins
17 5 Floating vertical line of 5
18 8 Floating horizontal ring of 8
19 8 Floating vertical ring of 8, radius 200