Plunder in the Sunken Ship

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Plunder in the Sunken Ship
Star Info
Course JRB
Height Above Ground 377[1]
Course Records
TAS World Record 29.98
RTA World Record 42.65 (42.06 IGT)[2]
ABC Minimum 0[3]
ABZ Minimum 2.5[4]
For a tutorial on speedrunning this star, see the RTA Guide
For a tutorial on RTABC for this star, see the RTABC Guide

Plunder in the Sunken Ship is the first mission of Jolly Roger Bay. To complete it, Mario must enter the Sunken Ship, open the treasure chests in the correct order to lower the water level, and collect the Power Star inside the item box.

A Button Challenge

Mario swims through the water by punching in the water. This is very slow, so while Mario lures the eel out of the ship he collects a nearby coin ring to maintain his health. After lowering the water level, Mario heads as far up the ship as he can. He then walks up the rest of the way, utilizing the plank. In order to open the item box, Mario frame walks up the side of the ship until he is high enough. He stops walking, making him fall backwards, allowing him to ground pound, opening the box and collecting the star.


TAS Strategy

Mario begins by heading left towards the metal cap box. He performs a long jump to open it, and as he lands, immediately does a jump dive in the opposite direction, collecting the cap and landing next to a rock. He utilizes the bottom of the rock which slopes inwards, to do a BLJ. When he breaks free of the rock, Mario pause buffers to get 2 more jumps. He moves right up to the wall. Beause Mario's next intended position is out of bounds, he doesn't move. Mario rotates so that he is parallel to the wall, moving his next position back in bounds, allowing him to move. Mario continues along the wall, his speed allowing him to clip through the rocks.

When Mario approaches the water, he performs a negative jump into the water. He enters the water for 1 frame before he is snapped to the top. In the 1 frame before Mario gets snapped up, Mario covers as much distance as possible, as once in the water, his speed is reduced greatly. Mario continues to travel backwards, falling slowly. He adjusts his angle so that he can move between the spikes, clipping past the corner of a spike, onto the other side. He walks down the steep slope and down into the bottom of the deep ocean. He doesn't fall off because when Mario is on a slope, his speed is lowered to ensure that he is always less than 100 units above the ground, which is the height which Mario snaps to the ground. Mario then walks to the ship and clips through its wall into the warp. Mario opens the 4 chests, narrowly getting the 1st one and using the wall on the 2nd and 3rd chests to help adjust his angle, and narrowly collecting the 4th one. He swims up, aiming for a slope to the right of the star box. When he reaches it, he walks into the water, which warps him back onto the slope due to its steepness, however since Mario is now facing forward, he can slide forward. Mario slides for one frame before jumping up towards the box, breaking it and collecting the star with a ground pound.

TAS History

Plunder in the Sunken Ship History
Date Time Improvement (Frames) Improvement Author(s) Save Description/Notes
2010 Mar 31 36.95[5] AruaErueru
2010 Apr 3 32.82[6] 124 Nothing693, AruaErueru Video is private
2010 Apr 4 32.45 11 ReneBalow, AruaErueru (Run has been lost)
2012 May 4 31.35[7] 33 Mickey, VIS, DennisBalow Video is private
2012 Nov 25 31.32[8] 1 120 TAS Production Committee From the 2012 120 Star TAS
2020 Jul 9 30.82[9] 15 Superdavo0001, ERGC|Xander, RSw
2020 Jul 10 30.55[10] 8 ToT
2021 Aug 28 30.45 3 Alexpalix1
2022 Oct 14 30.98 [11] 15 Superdavo0001, RSw, ToT, AlexPalix1, Xander, Crackhex