Footrace with Koopa the Quick

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Footrace with Koopa the Quick
Star Info
Course Bob-omb Battlefield
Height Above Ground 207
Course Records
TAS World Record 1:14.57[1]
RTA World Record 1:17.11[2]
ABC Minimum 0[3]
ABZ Minimum 6 (6/0/0)[4]

Footrace with Koopa the Quick is the 2nd star in Bob-omb Battlefield. The star can be collected by talking to Koopa the Quick to start his race, and getting to the flag on the mountain before he does. The race prohibits Mario from using the cannon, which Koopa the Quick claims is "cheating".

Given that this star has a timer built in, minimizing the in-game time has been a long standing challenge since the early days of Mario 64. Using a glitch, it is possible to finish the race with an in-game time of 0.0 seconds[5], but the star is not obtainable, because KtQ was unloaded when Mario reaches the flagpole.

Tas History

The fastest in-game time without the 0.0 glitch is 1.7 seconds (real time 1.73) by dar gos[6].

Tas Strategy