Bowser in the Dark World Red Coin Star

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For a tutorial on speedrunning this star, see the RTA Guide
For a tutorial on RTABC for this star, see the RTABC Guide
Bowser in the Dark World Red Coin Star
Star Info
Course Bowser in the Dark World
Height Above Ground 133[1]
Course Records
TAS World Record 32.60[2]
RTA World Record 42.84 (42.80 IGT)[3]
ABC Minimum 0[4]
ABZ Minimum 13

To get this star, Mario must collect all 8 Red Coins in the level.


  • 1 Is right next to the starting platform.
  • 1 Is next to the furthest possible range for the fire.
  • 1 Is next to one of the crystals on the road with the Amps.
  • 1 Is on the yellow platform that moves in and out.
  • 1 Is on the circular island with an amp and a spire.
  • 1 Is on one of the platforms rotating in a square pattern on a cycle.
  • 1 Is on the top of the 3 platforms with the Sea-Saw platforms.
  • 1 Is on the small ledge next to the Sea-Saw platforms.

A Presses

You can get the red coin star 0x (TAS only). 2x RTA.[5]


The current TAS is a 32.57.[2]