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Blast Away the Wall
Record Information
RTA World Record 7.96
Single Star World Record 7.47

Blast Away the Wall is the sixth mission in Whomp's Fortress.


plank "push" for more consistency
Back up a missed cannonless with Wild Blue; if you fail it again, you can do this backup movement to the plank. You can groundpound if you don't get enough height from the wallkick.
  • Full Setup (easiest): uses normalized movement to get a consistent ledgegrab spot
  • Texture Setup: uses a visual cue to get to the ledgegrab spot
  • Salt Cannonless: uses a camera setup to fall off the plank in a consistent spot
  • "OG" Cannonless: falls off the plank without any setup

Full Setup Tutorial

Texture Setup

This strat skips the ledgegrab, backflip and punch of the full setup. The visual cue for the ledgegrab is on the front face of the plank; Mario's left hand lines up with a line in the wood texture. Below is an easily-identifiable part of the texture that can be used for lining this up; however, it's recommended that you perform the full setup on your own, and find a reference that works well for your display setup.

  • Texture setup1.png
  • Texture setup2.png

Salt Cannonless Tutorial

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