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Blast Away the Wall is the sixth mission in Whomp's Fortress.


Video (Sockfolder Setup)

At the end of the setup, make sure you reset the camera (C-Right + C-Left) as your getting up from your ledge-grab. It gives you a better angle and consistency.

Full Setup Tutorial

Texture Setup


This strat skips the ledgegrab, backflip and punch of the full setup. The visual cue for the ledgegrab is on the front face of the plank. Mario's left hand lines up with a line in the wood texture.


Below is a reference an easily-identifiable part of the texture that can be used for lining this up. However, it's recommended that you perform the full setup on your own, and find a reference that works well for your display setup. Texture-setup.png

OG Cannonless

Hitbox Viewer Clip

Comparison (Full Setup vs OG)