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Text Redirection is a glitch which uses textboxes to change the angle of Mario's speed. It is especially useful when Mario's speed is too high to easily turn using the joystick. When a textbox is triggered, Mario is immediately put into the idle action (a stationary action) and stops moving, but his speed is not actually reset to 0. When the textbox disappears, Mario's speed is still conserved from the textbox's activation. By holding an angle on the joystick, Mario changes his angle to the joystick's instantly, since he's in the idle action; this causes Mario's speed to be redirected in the direction the joystick was held. This trick is utilized in TASes when Mario must have a certain angle to do movement but cannot immediately reach that angle just by changing the joystick position. In particular, a text redirection is needed to enter the Secret Aquarium in 0x A-presses as Mario's angle needs to be changed instantly to redirect his speed into the JRB room.


Demonstration by Pannenkoek2012

Enter the Secret Aquarium - 0x A Presses by Bad_Boot and Stickman