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Metal-Head Mario Can Move!
Record Information
RTA World Record 24.83
Single Star World Record 19.66

Metal-Head Mario Can Move! is the third mission of Hazy Maze Cave.

Example Video

Sideflip backup for missed TJWK. (Alternatively, you can elevator clip.)
If you fail to activate the switch, get out of the water, double jump backwards, and kick at its peak.
If you're having a difficult time getting the triple jump correctly, taking the triple jump a bit slower may be a bit easier.

To activate the switch, try to wallkick at the highest point of Mario's triple jump.

Lag Reduction

This lag reduction is recommended for players with a decent understanding of the game's camera controls. If this camera setup proves too difficult, spamming C-Right while opening the 2nd door is the next best option.

Lag Reduction Tutorial