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Wall Kicks Will Work
Record Information
RTA World Record 8.56
Single Star World Record 5.73

Wall Kicks Will Work is the sixth mission of Cool, Cool Mountain.


This movement skips the backflip wallkick movement. Begin by holding the downleft notch and double jumping off the edge. Once you approach the middle level, c-left to have a better view of the bottom level. Kick before the ground to avoid fall damage. Alternatively, you could dive rollout instead of double jumping down, however this is arguably more difficult and slower than the intermediate strat.


Timing the wallkick after the backflip can be difficult due to the awkward camera angle. Mashing the A button after the backflip will ensure you wallkick but will make it so you don't reach the star platform. This movement loses 1-2s from the fastest strat. Mashing A+B will let you reach the top platform but you won't have much speed. This loses less than 1s to the pro strat.


The camera used for this strat is largely based on preference. The Mario cam C-Left strat is a newer setup that's less used, but may give you a better visual for timing the wall kick.


Diving into the bottom of the star by performing a small single jump can save quite a bit of time, but risks diving under and missing it.