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0 Star and 1 Star are currently the fastest RTA-viable routes for beating the game. Both categories use a series of BLJs to access the Bowser stages early and finish the game with a minimal number of stars. Beating the game with 0 stars requires a precise, speed-dependent SBLJ setup to skip DDD, so the 1 star route is recommended for beginners; however, if you are new to running this game, it is recommended to learn 16 Star before attempting these categories.


The routes are shown combined here, since they are largely the same aside from skipping DDD or not. It is recommended to learn the basic SBLJ and do 1 star first as it is considerably simpler than the DDD Skip setups.

  1. LBLJ
  2. Bowser in the Dark World
  3. SBLJ
  4. Bowser in the Fire Sea
  5. Backwards Long Jumps
  6. Bowser in the Sky