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Toad near the Hazy Maze Cave

This toad will spawn near the Haze Maze Cave entrance after you have collected 12 stars. All main category routes include this star, except for 0/1 Star.

Tips for grabbing Toad stars

  • On the Japanese version of the game only, you can use Toad's vest becoming visible as a visual cue for when you are able to talk to him.
  • On the U.S. version of the game, you are able to talk to Toad one frame sooner than on the Japanese version.

For 16 Star LBLJ Route

Grab the Toad star as your 13th or 14th star. This allows you to go directly to the exit door after finishing the stage. Go into Mariocam C-Down for lag reduction.

For 70 Star and 16 Star No LBLJ

Grab the Toad star before you enter the stage. This is faster than grabbing it during or after entering. Go into Mariocam C-Down for lag reduction.

Easier Movement

For 120 Star

Grab the Toad star after completing the stage. This allows you to grab it on your way to the exit door. Go into Mariocam C-Down and spam C-Left for lag reduction before talking to Toad, and while walking to the door.