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Mario Wings to the Sky
Record Information
RTA World Record 30.36 (Best Available Video)
Single Star World Record 27.47

Mario Wings to the Sky is the fifth mission in Bob-omb Battlefield.

visual cue for the cannon shot

Beginner Video w/ Inputs

Advanced Movement

Tips & Backups

  • Rollout flat onto the island because the game conserves Mario's momentum from the last time he landed and preserves it for the next time you begin flying. If you land at an angle or with tons of speed it is easy to miss a secret.
  • Sometimes (more commonly on the Japanese version), the camera will get stuck in "flight mode" while Mario is no longer flying. This can happen if your flight is interrupted too quickly (like if you dive too soon or if you get caught sliding on the fence). You can also reset the camera to normal by getting hit by an enemy or starting to fly again and then stopping (e.g. by groundpounding once you are flying).