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Slip Slidin' Away
Record Information
RTA World Record 24.53
Single Star World Record 23.90

Slip Slidin' Away is the first mission of Cool, Cool Mountain. It is usually done standalone, but is done with 100 coins in advanced 70 star routes.



Tutorial: visually teaches the nuances of this star.


  • To fit in the starting triple jump more consistently, you can hold neutral briefly while airborne during the buffered kick. Doing the whole triple jump with full stick magnitude requires very good early-frame jumps and short A presses.
  • Make sure to long-jump early after entering the slide to land further back and be able to build up speed on the slope before sliding off.
  • While falling, hold up-right to turn, switch to up to clear the slide while avoiding turning too far right to bonk the wall, then switch to down-right/right to drift closer to the bottom of the slide.
  • Switching to holding right with good timing during the slide yields a consistent path across the bridge.
  • Hold up-left as the slide ends to steer towards the door and so shorten the distance of the (following) moonwalk, meaning you'll have enough residual speed to reach the door.
  • Hold up-right after the rollout to moonwalk in the correct direction (you must have passed the finish line facing backwards).



Compared to the beginner strat, we also slide across the gap by the far-left corner of the ice bridge, triggering an instant moonwalk.

Holding (full-extent) down-right as soon as the moonwalk starts is a setup for hitting the door, but it's very sensitive to angle of approach and minute changes in stick direction (holding closer to right will make Mario turn more, and closer to down will make him turn less).

With 100 Coins

There are 77 coins inside the slide.


  • First red coin: This coin is a little tough to grab. As a beginner, the easiest movement is to double jump kick near the top of the tree. Kicking while in the air prevents Mario from grabbing the pole until he lands. This makes it easy to strafe in the air and ensure you grab the coin. For the advanced movement (buffer kick → double jump → dive) to grab the coin, delay the buffered kick slightly so that Mario is closer to his peak double-jump height when you dive at the coin. This helps prevent grabbing the tree out of the dive.


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