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Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow
Record Information
RTA World Record 18.10
Single Star World Record 15.81

Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow is the first mission of Rainbow Ride.

In Depth Guide for Beginners


Make sure to wait after you land on the falling block to singlejump or you will doublejump and bonk on the other falling block. You can also jumpkick down as a safer strat, but it loses time.


For the longjump double wallkick on the falling blocks, delay the longjump a little bit after going over the gap to avoid accidentally double jumping. Then hold directly up after passing the glass box and tap A twice for the wallkicks. Ledgegrabing after the wallkicks sets you up to have the right amount of speed so you can hold right the whole time when you longjump to ledgegrab the next platform.


Lakitu Bounce Tutorial


Full Wallkick (No Sideflip) Lakitu Bounce

Full Wallkick Bounce Tutorial



  • In order to get the jump kicks on the yellow slope, you need to let Mario slide for at least 5 frames before jumping. Doing it too early may cause you to fall off the slope.