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In the Talons of the Big Bird is the first mission of Shifting Sand Land. The 1st star must be selected when entering the stage in order to spawn this star.

Your speed is capped while you're spinning. If you land on the fly-guy while holding neutral, you'll maintain your speed until the moment you make another input.

Try to run on the right side of the pillar. If you run too far left, fly-guy will move towards you and ruin the setup.

Beginner (Front Pillar Dives)


Faster Shy Guy/Xcam Tutorial:

Intermediate (Side Pillar)

Advanced (Front Pillar Single Jump/Punch)

This single jump is used to conserve speed after diving and sliding down the slope, it can only be done if you do a frame-perfect rollout after sliding and then a single jump.

Doing two first-frame punches allows you to conserve slightly more speed than is possible with the single jumps. However, this is riskier than the doing the single jumps because failing to punch on the first frame possible will cause you to lose most or all of your speed immediately.

Expert (Flyguyless)

This strat requires you to do a frame-perfect rollout after sliding down the slope, and then doing a frame perfect slidekick to get to the far pillar. Then, a camera setup is helpful in giving you a good angle to long jump with from the pillar that will allow you to jump-kick up the side of the pyramid and then jump-dive on to the platform. This is only recommended for top-level 16 star runners.