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For tutorials on this trick, see the 0/1 Star RTA Guide.

Side Backwards Long Jump, or SBLJ for short, is a trick done in the basement of The Castle to skip the 30 Star Door. It is done in 0 Star, 1 Star, and the 1 Key TAS.

1 Star

In 1 Star, the player skips the 30 Star Door by performing a BLJ on the small staircase[1] that leads to the main portion of the basement. This trick is considered one of the hardest for RTA runners to perform in runs.

0 Star

In 0 Star, the player skips the 30 Star Door and Dire, Dire Docks by doing the 1 Star SBLJ setup but pulling left to go to the left of the pole.[2] The player then controls their speed to be above 400 [note 1] [note 2]. They then touch the ground and hold left to touch and read the text from the door then redirect their speed to bypass the loading zone for DDD.


  1. Too much speed will also prevent the trick from working.
  2. The minimum amount of speed you need is actually around 380 but RTA runners try to get over around 420