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Dire, Dire Docks
Course Info
Abbreviation DDD
Terrain Water
Setting Day
Water Mostly All
Course Items
Coins 106 ( Yellow Coin.gif ×60  •  Red Coin.gif ×8  •  Blue Coin.gif ×6)
Enemy Coins None
Stars Challenge infobox star 1.gif ×7
Caps STROOP- Metal Cap Block.png ×1  •  STROOP- Vanish Cap Block.png ×1
Star Navigation
Challenge infobox star 1.gifChallenge infobox star 1.gifChallenge infobox star 1.gifChallenge infobox star 1.gifChallenge infobox star 1.gifChallenge infobox star 1.gifChallenge infobox star 1.gif
STROOP- DDD 2 Poles.png
STROOP- DDD 2 Sub.png

Dire, Dire Docks is the ninth course. The entrance is a large water-like painting, and once Board Bowser's Sub is completed, it will move back to the end of the hallway, exposing the entrance to Bowser in the Fire Sea.

120 Route

  1. Pole-Jumping for Red Coins + 100
  2. Chests in the Current
  3. Board Bowser's Sub
  1. The Manta Ray's Reward
  2. Through the Jet Stream
  3. Collect the Caps...

70 Route

  1. Chests in the Current
  2. Board Bowser's Sub
  3. The Manta Ray's Reward

Star Select Info

There are two versions of the course that can appear by selecting different stars. Keep in mind that if there are any blue stars (uncollected) present in the star selection menu, then the last version that can be selected is the first blue star and not the stars after it:

  • Act 1: This is the default act until Star 1 is completed. The manta ray is not present.
  • Act 2: Accessed by selecting Star 2 through Star 6, but only after collecting Board Bowser's Sub. The manta ray will appear.

Additionally, Bowser's submarine will disappear after Bowser in the Fire Sea is completed, replaced by several moving poles across the ceiling of the course.


  • You need to do 100 before completing Bowser in the Fire Sea since the sub is used to grab the red coins in RTA. You cannot star select to re-spawn the sub.