70 Star Guide (Beginner Route)

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Example Run

This is the beginner route for a 70 Star speedrun. To learn specific stars, we recommend to watch the [Movement Guide] and check out the other SM64 resources such as the [Usamune Practice Rom]. BlueBob will record a new one with the current route soon [1]

The Route

Timing starts on reset. Press START to get past the first screen, and time START + A to select the top left file. Then an intro will show. Clear the text boxes in the end by timing A + B right as described in the movement guide. Then, you can move Mario and enter the castle using the Lakitu Skip. Enter the left door in the castle lobby and enter BOB.

Bob-omb Battlefield

We recommend learning bomb clip right away if you have enough time to spend on this game. If you don't, it will be just fine to do the regular strat as in the example run.

Castle Star

It saves around one second to do the slide right after BOB instead of doing it after WF.

Whomp's Fortress

This page lists all the stars in WF and it's specific guides. We recommend learning cannonless/cless right away as it is quite easy, even for a beginner. We highly recommend not learning owlless, because the trick does not save time with beginner movement, and the trick gets much easier once you improve your movement.

Castle Stars

This time, get the 2nd box star. If you miss the shortcut, try to finish the race slower than 21 seconds so you don't have to wait for the first star animation.

Enter Mario cam right as you spawn in the lobby to reduce lag. Then go into first person mode and look up at the ceiling.

1st Bowser Stage

This is a great star to practice your movement as it contains a lot of different kinds of jumps.

  • Bowser Fight 1: -

Bob-omb Battlefield

Cool Cool Mountain

Big Boo's Haunt

Castle Star

Shifting Sand Land We strongly recommend not learning pillarless until you're going for a 50/51 minutes time. It takes a lot of time to learn, and that time could have been spent working on movement which would have ultimately made the trick much easier to learn in the first place.

Lethal Lava Land We highly recommend not learning lava boost until you go for a 52/53 minutes time. It is somewhat hard to pull of with a time save that's worth the risk.

Dire Dire Docks Instead of going to HMC, you approach the 30 Star Door and enter DDD. Because the painting moves back after you collect the sub star, we do the chests star first. The manta star won't be collectible until after you collected the sub star which is why we to it third.

2nd Bowser Stage

Reenter Bowser in the Fire Sea, Exit Stage and then head upstairs.

Wet Dry World

Tiny Huge Island

First Toad

Tall Tall Mountain We highly recommend not to learn Breezeless/Bless until you aim for a 48/47. It is an extremely hard and barely rewarding trick.

Snowman's Land

Enter Snowman's Land and exit course. Then head to basement for Mips 2.

Castle Stars

Hazy Maze Cave

Reenter HMC and then Exit Stage, and head back upstairs and then into tippy.

Rainbow Ride Even though the Cruiser star might look incredibly hard at first, it is not too bad. If you learn the basic strats it is a great way to practice your movement.

Castle Star

Tick Tock Clock

3rd Bowser Stage