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Shoot to the Island in the Sky
Record Information
RTA World Record 18.70
Single Star World Record 17.55

Shoot to the Island in the Sky is the third mission in Bob-omb Battlefield.



See also alternative tutorial by Sean Raider.



Other Movement Options


Sometimes (more commonly on the Japanese version), the camera will get stuck in "flight mode" while Mario is no longer flying. This can happen if your flight is interrupted too quickly (like if you dive too soon or if you get caught sliding on the fence). You can also reset the camera to normal by getting hit by an enemy or starting to fly again and then stopping (e.g. groundpounding once you are flying).

Island Hop

Island Hop is an alternate strat used to reach the island without a wing cap; this trick is used in top-level 70 Star runs and some category extensions.

Triple-jump dive backup for island hop