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Make Wiggler Squirm
Record Information
RTA World Record 41.93
Single Star World Record 40.62

Make Wiggler Squirm is the sixth mission of Tiny-Huge Island.

Proper lag reduction at the start of the level will save about 3-4 lag frames, or two real-time frames. The inputs are C-Right, then Mariocam C-Down & C-Left.

Cave Entry

Beginner Mountain Clip Movement

  • Thiwigglerbeginner.gif

Standard Mountain Clip Movement


Note: Switching into Lakitu Cam after clipping and going upright instead of straight up after the swims can be a bit faster (as seen in the above video).

Alt Cam Tutorial

Wiggler Fight Strategies

Single Jump Movement

Ground Pound Movement

This movement will make the wiggler fight faster and more consistent.