Monty Mole

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Monty Mole
STROOP- Monty Mole.png
Technical Constants
Object Group General Actor
Actor Group Group 6
Interaction Type Bounce Top
Damage 1
Health 1
Radius 70
Height 50
Down Offset 0

Monty Moles are uncommon enemies found in Hazy Maze Cave and Tall, Tall Mountain. They pop out of holes, attack Mario by throwing rocks at him, and then jump back into their holes. If Mario kills 8 Monty Moles in a row, he will get a 1-up.


When the course is loaded, Monty Moles are found uninitialized in a location away from any Monty Mole holes. When Mario gets within 1500 units of a hole, the Monty Mole becomes initialized and snaps to the hole. The Monty Mole will then cycle through the holes available within 1500 units of Mario. Note that although HMC has 3 holes and TTM has 9 holes, each course has 1 and 2 Monty Moles, respectively. Since they teleport between each hole, this gives off the illusion that there are many Monty Moles attacking Mario.


Long Range Mole Kill Crash

Even though Monty Moles are supposed to be intangible when they jump into their hole, Bob-Ombs can still interact with them during the frame. If the Bob-Omb kills the Mole while Mario is more than 1500 units away from every hole, the game will crash because the Monty Mole will try to select a new hole while none are available. This crash can occur using the Bob-Ombs on TTM.

Uninitialized Monty Mole Crash

If Mario attacks a Monty Mole before it has been initialized, the game will crash. This can be done in both TTM and HMC. In HMC, the uninitialized Mole can be found in the toxic maze, and taking an unusual route can lead the player to it without activating any of the holes. The mole is invisible but can damage Mario and be damaged, the latter crashing the game. The Mole in TTM is located on the death barrier vertically and at the origin laterally. This mole can be reached using a 100 coin star clone and killing it crashes the game.

Pebble Crash

By placing Mario in a specific spot in TTM, the game can crash from too many objects being loaded due to Monty Mole pebbles. When Mario stands in the location, two Monty Mole holes and at a position where the moles will throw pebbles over Mario and over the edge of the mountain. Since the pebbles are deactivated when 4000 units from Mario, they never reach the death barrier if Mario does not move move towards them to reactivate them again. Eventually, the deactivated pebbles take up so many object slots that the game crashes due to the object limit being reached.


  • Killing Monty Moles in the two most separate holes in TTM one after another will reset the counter that is used to determine if Mario is given a 1-up for killing 8 moles. This happens because the two most separate holes are more than 1500 units away from each other.