Bob-omb Buddy

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Bob-omb Buddy
STROOP- Bob-omb Buddy.png
Technical Constants
Object Group General Actor
Tangibility Radius 1000
Draw Distance 4000
Physical Constants
Gravity 2.5
Friction 0.8
Buoyancy 1.3
Interaction Type Text
Radius 100
Height 60

Bob-omb Buddies are pink Bob-omb NPCs who open cannons for Mario.


Bob-omb Buddies appear in levels with cannons. These levels are:


Unlike regular Bob-ombs, Bob-omb Buddies walk in place. If Mario is within 1000 units of one, it turns to face him. If Mario talks to them, they will open any cannons in the level for him if they are not already opened. The save file is then updated to reflect that the cannon is opened.