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I find glitches in Mario games by accident

tran man procrastinating since may 2020

I also find out the next day that it's already been discovered, just in a different place :/

except the slide softlock thingy that i count as a discovery because it wasnt on the list of softlocks fsr

i also make really dumb challenges like the a button coin challenge where you have to collect as many coins as possible within the courses without pressing a and purposely making stars impossible (i did this for wf 100 coins. if you just get rid of all the coins that you can do it with you can make it so there's only 80 coins in the course lol)

anyway yeah i do a ton of shit just for teh lolz

rick roll

but I may tas when I get a better pc. If it happens ill tas waluigis taco stand or some shit

but one thing i do have is i have 177,000 coins or something in the dank memer discord bot

i also correct vinesauce joel when his edits are just wrong

i also play the piano

delete this article

h is also the best letter of the alphabet no doubt

also i only have a good knowledge of sm64 because i watch pannen a lot when im bored

Red letters