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The following table summarizes abbreviations commonly used in the context of Super Mario 64.

Abbreviation Meaning
100c 100 Coins
ABC A Button Challenge
BBH Big Boo's Haunt
BitDW Bowser in the Dark World
BitFS Bowser in the Fire Sea
BitS Bowser in the Sky
BLJ Backwards Long Jump
BoB Bob-omb Battlefield
BSH Backward Shell Hyperspeed
CC Capless Cannonless
CCC Coinless Capless Cannonless
CCM Cool, Cool Mountain
CotMC Cavern of the Metal Cap
CT Cannon Teleportation
DDD Dire, Dire Docks
DJ Double Jump
DR Dive Recover
GP Ground Pound
GWK Glitchy Wall Kick
HMC Hazy Maze Cave
HOLP Held Object's Last Position
HSB Hyperspeed Bouncing

Hyperspeed Braking

HSC Horizontal Speed Conservation

Hyperspeed Crawling

HSF Hyperspeed Flying
HSG Hyperspeed Grinding
HSJK Hyperspeed Jump Kicking
HSP Hyperspeed Punching
HSSK Hyperspeed Slide Kicking
HSTA Hyperspeed Turnaround
HSW Hyperspeed Walking
HSWK Hyperspeed Wall Kicking
HSWS Hyperspeed Water Sliding
JRB Jolly Roger Bay
KtQ Koopa the Quick
LBLJ Lobby Backwards Long Jump
LJ Long Jump
LLL Lethal Lava Land
M64 Mupen64
MC Metal Cap
MHS Memory Hacking Software
MWttS Mario Wings to the Sky
N64 Nintendo 64
NJ Negative Jump
OJ Overflow Jump
OoB Out of Bounds
PJ64 Project64
PRD Platform Release Displacement

Platform Rotation Displacement

PSS The Princess's Secret Slide
PT Pole Teleportation
PU Parallel Universe
QPU Quadruple Parallel Universe
RLB Remote Lava Boost
RNG Random Number Generation

Random Number Generator

RR Rainbow Ride


SA Secret Aquarium
SBLJ Side Backwards Long Jump
SDC Star Dance Clip
SL Snowman's Land
SM64 Super Mario 64
SotT Stomp on the Thwomp
SSL Shifting Sand Land
ST Savestate
TAS Tool Assisted Speedrun

Tool Assisted Superplay

THI Tiny-Huge Island
TJoMB Timed Jumps on Moving Bars
TotWC Tower of the Wing Cap


The Pit and the Pendulums
TT64 Toad’s Tool 64
TTC Tick Tock Clock
TTM Tall, Tall Mountain
VC Virtual Console

Vanish Cap

VCutM Vanish Cap under the Moat
VHSC Vertical and Horizontal Speed Conservation
VS Vertical Speed

Vacant Slot

VSC Vertical Speed Conservation
VSCC VSC Conservation
WC Wing Cap
WDW Wet-Dry World
WF Whomp's Fortress
WfRR Watch for Rolling Rocks
WHS Wind Hyperspeed
WK Wall Kick
WKWW Wall Kicks Will Work
WMotR Wing Mario over the Rainbow