VSC Conservation

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Vertical Speed Conservation Conservation or VSC Conservation (VSCC for short), also known as Edge Grinding Angle Drift or EGAD (though this is a misnomer)[1], is a glitch which lets Mario conserve stored vertical speed (VS) as a platform moves under him. By punching off the edge of a platform as it's moving, Mario remains in the punching action for 1 frame while the platform catches up to him. Since the platform is now under him, he continues his punching animation as if nothing happened. In the case of a rotating platform, this allows Mario to turn relative to the platform while maintaining stored VS, since he will be airbone and therefore not rotate for 1 frame while the platform does.


VSCC was originally thought of as an A Button Challenge strategy for Stomp on the Thwomp in 2 A presses. It would be used to change Mario's angle on the Tick Tock Clock hand while preserving VS to launch onto the Thwomp.[1] However, it was discovered that with optimal straining, VSCC was unnecessary.[2]