Water Shell

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Water Shell
Hitbox Info

cylinder with radius of 80 and height of 50, not offset down

Interaction type Grabbable
Koopa Shell
Found In
Jolly Roger Bay, Dire, Dire Docks

A Water Shell is a grabbable object found underwater in Jolly Roger Bay and Dire, Dire Docks.


When Mario picks up the water shell, he will be set to the Water Shell Swimming action. A timer will count up by one every frame, and once it reaches 240, the shell will unload and Mario will be put into the Flutterkick action. If Mario drops the water shell, it will unload and Mario will be set to the Water Idle action. If the B button is pressed, Mario will perform the Water Throw action, and the water shell will unload.


If you press B to throw the shell, there is a ~5 frame window where your held object is the shell, but you are not in the water shell swimming action. This allows you to hold the water shell on land.