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Pedro spots are geometric configurations in which a floor is vertically aligned and within 160 units of a ceiling. They must also be at least 1-2 units apart, depending on their position relative to the origin. Pedro spots have the unique property that by landing in one while in an air action, Mario's Quarter step is cancelled, yet he still technically "lands". This property leads to the fact that from a Pedro spot, Mario can both jump and Ground Pound, a property that is not shared by other spots in the game. Pedro spots have found two important applications in the A Button Challenge.

When Mario lands in a Pedro spot, he never physically enters it. Instead, he stays positioned in the air next to it. This allows a form of subframe grinding, allowing Mario to continue taking air steps while staying fixed in place. This can be used to build forward speed until Mario breaks out of the spot.

The other main application of Pedro spots is Remote Lava Boost (RLB). When Mario lands while in the lava boost action, the game checks whether he is above a lava floor, and if so, boosts him again. If Mario lands in a Pedro spot while in the lava boost action, the game will consider him to have landed, and so will check the floor beneath Mario. However, because Mario is next to the Pedro spot and not in it, this floor may be far below Mario. This causes the game to trigger another lava boost without Mario touching lava.

Another application of Pedro spots is that Mario can downwarp.

Pedro spots are very closely related to Squish Cancel spots.

List of Pedro Spots

Location How to enter Applicability
Inside Peach's castle There are two parallel spots on the main floor located in between the upstairs door and the 8-star door/PSS door. Both have no practical purpose.
Cool Cool Mountain There is a precise location inside the cabin where Mario can enter the Pedro spot. This has no practical purpose.
Bowser in the Fire Sea There is a Pedro spot located on the ramp way close to the third floor. This spot can be used for Remote Lava Boost.
Tick Tock Clock In between the cogs shortly after the platform above the red coins. This can only be entered using a bomb-omb. This was used in earlier versions of Stomp on the Thwomp in the ABC, but it was retired once a similar Pedro spot, also in TTC, was discovered. However, if a solution to RCPS is discovered, this Pedro spot will be used once more.
Tick Tock Clock In between the pendulum box and the ceiling near the blue coin switch. This can only be entered using pendulum manipulation. This is currently used for Stomp on the Thwomp in the ABC. However, this Pedro spot is expected to be retired if a solution to RCPS is discovered.