Hold Heavy Walking

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The hold heavy walking action occurs when Mario is walking whilst holding a grabbable object that is under the heavy subtype (for example Chuckya and King Bob-omb).

Hold Heavy Walking
Official Name Hold Heavy Walking
Hex 0x00000047
Action Flags Moving
Action Group Moving
ID 0x0047
Into Idling while holding (heavy), heavy throw
Out of Idling while holding (heavy)


Whilst Mario is in the action, following checks happen repeatedly:

  • If the B button is pressed, Mario enters the heavy throw action
  • If Mario should begin sliding, he will drop the object and begin butt sliding
  • If the analog stick is in the neutral position and the A button is not pressed, Mario will perform the Idling While Holding (Heavy) action
  • If Mario fails floor checks, he will drop the object and enter freefall


  • Mario's speed is multiplied by 0.1
  • Mario can not jump


It is possible for Mario to be holding a heavy object, walking, and be in hold walking instead of hold heavy walking. If you enter water or start a textbox while holding a heavy object, or grab a heavy object with a dive, Mario will instead hold the object light.