Unsolved single-goal challenges

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This page lists unsolved single-goal challenges that are not currently possible with current knowledge and strategies. None of these challenges have been completed or solved.


Coin Count

Cloning Related

  • Transport cloning with Wiggler or a Skeeter
  • Cloning in Lethal Lava Land (could also potentially solve the getting more coins than intended)
  • Moving during time stop in Jolly Roger Bay (to get shell clones)

Collection Challenges

Parallel Universes


  • Clipping from the top area of Wiggler's cave to the bottom area.
  • Activating more than 4 stars at once anywhere
  • Reversing the one-way teleport in THI
  • Ground-pounding Chain Chomp's post without interacting with the red coin (e.g. collecting its two coin value
  • Grabbing the hangable ceiling on the bottom of the beginning cloud in Wing Mario over the Rainbow
  • Hanging below the entrance's bridge in the castle grounds with the water raised
  • Accessing the upper floors of the castle without first collecting the key from Bowser in the Fire Sea
  • Grabbing the wrong penguin without pressing B
  • Defeating Bowser in the Sky without spinning Bowser
  • Performing an instant release on MIPS at an arbitrary HOLP
  • Spawning a "8" orange number from a red coin, secret, treasure chest or water ring
  • Spawning a "9" orange number from a red coin, secret, treasure chest or water ring
  • Spawning a "0" orange number from a red coin, secret, treasure chest or water ring
  • Getting hurt (squished) by the penguin in CCM
  • Taking fall damage during the FLYING_TRIPLE_JUMP action

Solved In Theory

  • Grab a Bob-omb fake during boiling (The video provided uses certain hacked values and is Wii VC only).
  • Escape from PU starting from speed 0 (The video provided was done on an emulator and may crash on console).

Solved Single-Goal Challenges

  • Picking up the cannon Bob-omb on the same frame as leaving its radius
  • Putting the Ukiki that steals your hat on the monkey cage
  • Collecting Mystery of the Monkey Cage without changing the HOLP
  • Performing a transport clone with 4 simultaneous pushers
  • Ground-pounding Wiggler's cave and then going to the huge island before the water finishes draining (this preserves the lower water level and allows a second ground-pound to trigger it again)
  • Escaping from one of the fish tanks in the Jolly Roger Bay room in the castle (starting with zero speed and damage counter)
  • Clipping from the bottom area of Wiggler's cave to the top area.
  • Ground-pounding the Blue Coin block in SSL without pressing A
  • Leave the Eyerok boss room after defeating Eyerok
  • Grabbing the hat stealing Ukiki without pressing B

Impossible Challenges