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Demonstration of instant release

Instant Release refers to techniques in which a held object is released instantly. Since the HOLP only updates when an object is drawn in Mario's hands, this allows Mario to move objects to the HOLP without updating it. However, because the object is dropped and not thrown, the object will appear at the HOLP laterally but at Mario's current height and not the height of the HOLP. Since the object must be picked up and dropped on the same frame, there are only two known methods of doing the technique:

  • Diving into an object and simultaneously bonking on a wall, ceiling or out-of-bounds
  • Diving into an object and simultaneously taking large fall damage


Instant release is used in the A Button Challenge to move Bob-ombs out-of-bounds in Tick Tock Clock so that they can be reactivated later on. This is used for the stars Roll into the Cage and Get a Hand. It was formerly used in Stomp on the Thwomp but its use in that star has since been obsoleted.