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  • MP4s for camera options throughout -- saksdal
  • MP4s for castle movement throughout -- saksdal
  • One youtube embed for each strat, the rest can be listed as external links to reduce clutter

16 Star Things

  1. Lakitu Skip
    • Condense first paragraph into bullet points?
    • Highlight 3 lakitu skip variants as main ones
    • Convert all .gifs to .mp4 -- tjk113
    • Add actual fastest lakitu skip strat -- tjk113

Bob-omb Battlefield

Whomp's Fortress

    • Cannonless / Cless
      • OG Cannonless Example (.mp4)
      • Example/explanation of "R press" backup for texture setup
    • Wild Blue
      • Convert all .gifs to .mp4
      • Make .mp4 gallery of strats
    • Whomp King
      • Make .mp4 gallery of strats
    • Tower
      • Make .mp4 gallery of strats
    • Owl Star
      • Get Input display video for weegee dj owlless
      • Make .mp4 gallery of dj owless strats

Cool Cool Mountain

    • Wall Kicks Will Work
      • Convert all .gifs to .mp4
      • Make .mp4 gallery of strats
      • WKWW tutorial?
    • Li'l Penguin Lost
      • Make .mp4 gallery of strats
      • Input display for US non-penguini
      • Input display for penguini strat

Bowser in the Dark World

Shifting Sand Land

Lethal Lava Land

Hazy Maze Cave


Dire, Dire Docks

Bowser in the Fire Sea

Backward Long Jumps

Bowser in the Sky